Easter Egg Hunt - Practicing with Colors & Counting!

Easter Math Preschool Printable
Photo Source: craftsandartforchildren.blogspot.com

Are your preschoolers preoccupied with hunting for Easter eggs? It's all my Wednesday night kiddos have been able to talk about the past couple weeks and so I went searching for an activity that would allow me to incorporate something they're super interested in {I've learned it's sometimes beneficial to work with, not against!}, while also challenging them to use the skills they've been learning in their preschool classes. What I found was this awesome activity, created by Amanda over at Crafts-N-Things, that pairs color recognition and counting practice with the traditional Easter egg hunt - brilliant!

Here's how it works...

  • I collected and filled my Easter eggs - enough for ten per child - and determined how many of each color I had collected. [I used a simple paint program to color in the egg shapes on the worksheet and printed them out on white card stock.]
  • I made sure that each my kiddos had the opportunity to collect at least one of each color, then I divided the rest of the eggs out and filled in the number column on each worksheet.
  • Provided with a worksheet/clipboard, a basket, and a sheet of Easter egg stickers, I sent my kiddos out to hunt for eggs with instructions to identify the numerals next to the colored eggs, find the appropriate number of eggs in each specific color, and put an egg sticker in the appropriate spot when they found one.

They had a great time! To pick up your own copy of Amanda's Easter egg hunt printable, be sure to visit Crafts-N-Things!