Easter Basket Fun

This Easter activity, provided by Carisa, offers some great opportunities for counting, sorting, active play, and color recognition using simple basket and egg cutouts. To begin, provide each student or group of students with a template for six different colored baskets and three eggs to match each. These should be pre-cut and laminated with Velcro fastened on both the eggs and basket to keep pieces in place. Once these cutouts have been distributed, try the following activities. Color Recognition and Matching

Have your students start with their eighteen egg pieces facing down. As they flip them over one at a time, have them identify the correct color and match it to the appropriate Easter basket. Students can complete this task as individuals or take turns with others in a group.

Egg Hunt Matching

This will work best if you have a small number of students in your class. Divide the colored baskets evenly among your students and hide the eggs around the classroom. At the buzzer, instruct your children to 'race' to find the eggs that match their basket. The winner of the egg hunt will be awarded with a prize. Complete the activity as many times as you want. This activity builds color recognition skills and is a great energy burner!

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