Earthworms & Measuring - Spring Math Activity

worm measuring spring preschool math printable activity
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Spring is most definitely on the way {it will be official in t-minus 4 days!} bringing visions of glorious sun, beautiful blossoms, and...earthworms? According to Shauna, preschool teacher and creator of the blog, My Shae Noel, these slimy little creatures {and this great printable, of course!} are just the tool to get your preschoolers excited about measuring!

Don't panic. Actual earthworms are not involved! Rather, Shauna suggests cutting sections of brown yarn for students to use. You might also consider using brown chenille stems. They're just as flexible and come pre-cut! The gist - armed with "earthworms" invite your students to find out how many "worms long" common classroom items are {i.e. their desk chair, a piece of paper, etc.}.

Students are sure to have a blast with this activity! When the first worksheet is complete, Shauna offers a second customizable worksheet for your students to use independently during free time or as an extension to group learning time where items to be measured can be personally selected and scripted into the blanks {i.e. this worksheet doesn't come with a predetermined object/image like the first}.

Activity Extension

Consider including the "Worms & Math" section of this preschool science post, where students take a closer look at real earthworms, explore the trails they make, and compare the lengths of the collected worms {in various units!}. It will be an activity they'll never forget!

As always, be sure to visit My Shae Noel for the worksheet downloads!

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