Dress Up Halloweenies

boy and girl paper dolls with Halloween costumes
Photo Source: babalisme.blogspot.com

These adorable printables from the creator of the blog Babalisme aren't just cute, they're a brilliant fine motor activity! Your students will think you're providing them with a treat (which of course you are!), but as they cut out each piece and manipulate the small flaps in order to dress their character, they'll be honing coordination, control, and focus - all important components of fine motor mastery! Use these delightful printables as an activity station during your classroom Halloween party, add them to your Halloween goodie bags for students to take home and enjoy, or set them out in the weeks leading up to Halloween as a fun "free play" activity! All you have to do is visit Bablisme for the template downloads (find the boy template here and the girl template here), print them onto sturdy card stock, and enjoy!

Happy Dressing!