Dr. Seuss Literacy Center FREEbies

Dr. Seuss Graphing Idea
Photo Source: Finally in First

If you're looking for a few activities to add to your Dr. Seuss celebration, check out these FREEbies created by Jenn over at Finally in First. The worksheets would be perfect to add to your literacy center tubs, or for morning work as your kiddos are making their way into class! And as an added bonus, a suggestion for creating a class pictograph for Green Eggs and Ham is included.

Green Eggs and Ham Pictograph

Shown above, Jenn's class made green eggs and ham and then charted how many students liked the treat and how many did not care for it.

Contraction Match-Up

Contraction Match-Up for Dr. Seuss Week
Photo Source: Finally in First

ABC Order

ABC Order for Dr. Seuss Week
Photo Source: Finally in First

Jenn also put together FREEbies for a Dr. Seuss Syllable Sort (students are asked to determine how many syllables are in each given word and to then chart the results on a worksheet) and verb practice (students will need to circle the verb in each Dr. Seus-themed sentence).

To check out the additional FREEbies and grab the worksheets, be sure to head over to Finally in First!