Dr. Seuss Inspired Photo Booth!

Photo Booth Inspired By Dr. Seuss
Photo Source: Lessons with Laughter

Looking for a few Seuss-tastic ideas heading towards the birthday celebation? Look no further! How cute is this Dr. Seuss-inspired photo booth idea featured by Molly over at Lessons with Laughter?!? It honestly makes me wish I was back in elementary school!


Red, White, Blue, Orange and Yellow construction paper

Craft sticks

Black pipe cleaners




Black marker

Cat In The Hat

To complete the hat, cut a hat shape out of white construction paper and glue red stripes to the hat horizontally. Complete the hat by adding a white brim at the bottom and attaching a white band to the back with a stapler (you may need to borrow one of your students to make sure the size is right!).

Finish off the Cat in the Hat look with whiskers. Intertwine 3 black pipe cleaners for the whiskers and glue on a red heart shape for the cute little nose. Attach to a skewer with tape (or a hot glue gun) and you're all set!

The Lorax

Cut a half circle out of orange construction paper and attach yellow construction paper cut to look like hair. Next, cut the Lorax's mustache from yellow construction paper (you should be able to find clip art images online if your drawing skills are anything like mine :) ). Attach each to a skewer and voila! The Lorax is ready for his photo op!

Thing 1 and Thing 2

To create your Thing 1 and Thing 2 look, simply cut the blue hair from construction paper and attach with tape to a skewer (again, you can always find clip art to trace online). Then, complete the bow tie by cutting a bow tie shape from red construction paper and attaching a white circle. You will need to create 2 bow-ties (one for Thing 1 and one for Thing2).

Photo Booth Pictures for Dr. Seuss's Birthday
Photo Source: Lessons with Laughter

Finally, let the photo booth fun begin! How cute would it be to decorate your classroom door with the photos when you're all finished?!? Be sure to stop by Lessons with Laughter to scope out Molly's additional Dr. Seuss ideas!