Domino Parking Lot

domino parking counting game
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Preschoolers don’t stop learning when they transition from focused group learning exercises to free play. Even in play, your child or students are exploring the world around them, ordering it in ways they understand, and developing skills independently. But, of course, it never hurts to provide educational “play” activities and stations for them to review concepts learned in class. Here is an exciting math game to incorporate from the creators of MathWire! Designed for independent learning, don’t be surprised if your students spend hours in the “parking lot”!

Object of the Game

With this game board download and domino tiles, students are charged with the task of “parking” their game pieces in the appropriately labeled space. In this manner they strengthen number recognition as they read header numbers, practice counting skills as they identify the number of dots on the dominos, and build fine motor skills as they match and move domino tiles.

Helpful Hints

  • Remind students that they should only be concerned with the number of dots on one side of the domino. If they don’t remember this, the game can get somewhat confusing!
  • Tailor the game to your preschoolers’ skill level. Less advanced students may need to focus on just one side of the board, while more advanced students won’t be overwhelmed by completing the entire lot. Also, be considerate of the number of dominos you provide students. Less advanced preschoolers should be provided with only the number of dominos needed to complete the game. More advanced preschoolers will rise to the challenge of added dominos they must “hunt” through.

Happy Parking!

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