DIY Maze with Funnels & Tubes!

DIY Outdoor Preschool Sensory Activity
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Looking to add a twist to your classroom water play? Try this homemade maze we found at Little Preschool on the Prairie! It only takes a few 'ingredients' and is sure to provide your kiddos with hours of play - exploring the effects of gravity, the properties of liquids {i.e. change shape by flowing, take on the shape of their container, etc}, measuring, and so much more!

Supplies You'll Need

  • Large peg board
  • Tubes
  • Zip ties
  • Various kitchen funnels
  • Sensory table or large tub
  • Water
  • Food coloring
  • Recycled plastic containers, water bottles, etc.

To add to the excitement, consider providing each funnel/tube with its own water bin, coloring the water in each tub a different color and having students "race" to see which tube is the fastest!

Pouring. Stirring. Racing. Dumping. This homemade creation is sure to be a classroom favorite! Head on over to Little Preschool on the Prairie for more pictures and other fun early childhood activities!