Digging For Treasure Frozen in Ice

Looking for a fun summer activity for your home or classroom? You won't have to look further than your freezer! Amy, creator of the blog entitled Let's Explore, shares how to make a frosty treasure hunt!

Supplies You'll Need
- Tupperware or plastic bucket (a gallon ice cream bucket would work great)
- Water
- TREASURE! (play gems, small plastic toys, sea shells, coins, etc.)

To prepare for the activity, place the collected treasure in your plastic container, add water, and freeze. Amy suggests freezing the objects in layers so that there is treasure throughout. For small classes, a large block of ice is ideal. Students will learn to work together, but still have enough "treasure" to go around. For large classes, consider dividing students into groups and making small ice treasures for each group.
The day before the activity, explain to your students what they will be attempting. Have them brainstorm what "treasure excavating tools" would work the best (i.e. salt, toothbrushes, spray bottles with warm water, water droppers with warm water, picks, etc). Collect these supplies and have them waiting for your students the next day. Your students will have a blast problem-solving their way to the frozen treasure!

Ice Treasures

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