Developing Your Students' Listening Skills

Teachers are constantly asking for attention, but have children been taught how to really listen? It is a skill, just like any other, but in many cases it gets pushed aside as an innate ability. If you want your students to be good listeners, why not teach them how? Steph, contributor to the blog Make and Takes, has shared five games that will encourage your students to, not only hear, but truly listen.

Set Up A Class Store

Push a few desks together and provide a selection of items (toys, school supplies, books, etc.) from around the classroom. Have your students take turns being the customer and employee. This will encourage them to concentrate on what the other is saying, give them a platform for practicing manners, and develop many other skills like counting, vocabulary, etc.

Simon Says

This traditional game will have your students waiting for your clues before they move, make a sound, etc. It is a great way to foster listening skills while reviewing body parts, actions, and even sounds. For more fun, encourage your students to take turns being 'Simon'.

Other Games
- Telephone
- Scavenger Hunt
- Story Mix Up

Be sure to check out the rest of Steph's post for these game ideas!

5 Games That Encourage the Art of Listening | Make and Takes