Design a Picture Frame with Old CDs

CD Picture Frame Craft

Students thrive by using different materials and mediums to express their imagination and creativity. While many classroom craft cabinets are well-stocked with a variety of craft paper, markers, and other craft accessories, it is important to think beyond traditional arts and craft supplies to inspire originality and ingenuity. California art teacher Kathy Barbro provides a wonderful opportunity to do just that!

To begin, provide each of your students with a wooden picture frame and a blank (or recycled) CD. Taking turns with a heavy duty pair of scissors, instruct your students to cut the CD into strips measuring about one-half an inch. These strips should then be cut into half-inch squares. Remind your students that the shiny film is important to the project, so cutting should be slow and mindful as the film has a tendency to peel away from the plastic disc.

Allow your students to experiment with patterns and piece placement on the frame, gluing their final projects together with craft glue and setting aside to dry. Cover with a coat of metallic paint and students will be delighted to give the frame as a gift for an upcoming birthday or even Mother's day!

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