Depicting the Movement of Music

This art project, provided by Holly of Lines, Dots and Doodles, provides a great opportunity to integrate art,  music, and the science of sound!

Supplies You'll Need
- Black construction paper
- Brightly colored crafting paper (and scraps!)
- Crayola oil pastels
- Kids scissors
- Craft glue Pre-Project Instruction

Your students will likely be able to make the connection between sound and music, but they may not realize that music has movement and rhythm as well. Tell them that they will be choosing their favorite instrument and making a collage that visually depicts this concept. Discuss together how they might accomplish this (e.g. zig zags, patterns, spirals, etc.)

Project Instructions

Provide each of your students with a blank canvas (one piece of black construction paper) and colorful scraps of paper. If they need it, help them design their favorite instrument (e.g. guitar, drums, piano, trumpet, etc.) from the colored paper then have them cut and collage 'movement lines' from the scraps of paper. For a final touch, provide your students with oil pastels and invite them to add the last bit of detailing. Overall, a great opportunity for creativity and learning!

Lines, Dots, and Doodles: Music, 1st Grade

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