Decorate A Christmas Tree

Christmas Fine Motor and Storytelling Preschool Printable
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Inspire some Christmas cheer with this cute tree printable from Babalisme. On the surface it may look like a "just for fun" craft, but we think it can be much more! First of all, as your kiddos cut and handle the small pieces, they're developing fine motor muscles/coordination. Second of all, we think this is a great way to inspire creativity and storytelling!

  • As they decorate their Christmas tree, have your students mentally create a "First, Then, Last" how-to for decorating a holiday tree.
  • Invite your students to picture helping their families decorate the Christmas tree and put the items on in the same order.
  • Have students select an item on the decorated Christmas tree and tell you a story about it {i.e have them select a gift and tell you what it is, who it's for, where it was purchased, who wrapped it, etc}.

These are just a few of the fun exercises you can do with your kiddos while they assemble their tree! Be sure to head on over to Babalisme for the Christmas tree download!

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