Cut & Paste Number Ordering

worksheet where students order numbers one through five
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Because your preschoolers have limited attention spans, it's great to find activities that reinforce and strengthen several skills at one time. The founders of ABC Teach, a resource site offering quality printable pages and worksheets for educators, understand that important objective - their cut and paste numerical order worksheet series doing just that! Targeted Skill Sets

baby block 1 Cutting. As your preschoolers cut out each number card, they're honing precision and control - hallmarks of fine motor mastery.
baby block 2 Gluing. As your students operate the school glue squeeze bottles and line number cards up in their proper square, they're strengthening focus and coordination - more hallmarks of fine motor mastery.
baby block 3 Ordering. As students place numbers in the correct order, they're practicing number recognition as well as counting skills.
baby block 4 Coloring. If you extend the activity to include coloring each number a specific color you'll help students practice following directions, color recognition skills, and even 'writing' skills (e.g. as students hold crayons or other graphic art tools, they strengthen the fine motor skills needed when learning to write).

Be sure to visit ABC Teach for these and other great skill worksheets!

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