Creepy-Crawly Caterpillars

Spring is here to stay, along with the insects and critters that thrive during this season! Bring some of the 'creepy crawly' fun into the classroom with this simple caterpillar craft!

Supplies You'll Need - Egg carton (get rid of those that have been hanging around since Easter) - Black chenille stems - Green tempera paint - Wiggle eyes - Fiskars kid's scissors - Washable craft glue - Crayola washable markers In preparation for the project, cut each egg carton in half so that each student will have a 'six-cup' caterpillar and poke holes on the sides of each cup.

To begin the activity, pass the pre-cut and punched cartons out along with a shallow dish of green tempera paint and encourage your students to paint the cups. As the base dries, have the children cut the black chenille stems into legs with each leg measuring approximately two and a half inches.

When the base is fully dry, invite your students to attach the legs in the pre-punched holes, glue wiggle eyes on the front, and then draw a mouth with marker. A spring-inspired craft that will bring color and life to your classroom decor!

How to Make an Egg Carton Caterpillar | Camille Jacks Morgan | Crafts for Kids |

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