Creative Building Materials

Inspired by art, Made by Joel blog creator Joel Henriques has put a new twist on wooden blocks and now, using his collage circle template or your own creations, your students can explore their creativity with building disks. They’ll certainly enjoy the challenge of connecting each piece, as well as, the colorful sculptures they can create. If you decide to use Joel’s template, make sure you have sturdy photo paper on hand. As he suggests, it may be beneficial to add another layer of paper for extra support. Also because they’re sure to get a lot of use, you may also want to cover each disk with contact paper to prevent wear and tear. If you prefer to attempt your own disks, find sturdy card stock you can cut circles from and cover with fun patterns, colors, or printed papers. Your local craft store or teacher's supply store may also carry pre-cut chip board circles that are normally used for scrap booking, but would be perfect for this project. Once again, covering your creations with contact paper can be beneficial to prevent tearing.

Use scissors to cut four slots onto each disk, reuse a container from around the house for storage, and you’ll have an exciting new activity for your students to try!

Made by Joel: Slotted Building Discs

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