Create Ladybugs from Clay Pots

This ladybug craft is fun to make and will spice up your classroom decorations for spring!

Supplies You'll Need
- Clay pot (2-inches)
- Wooden ball (1 1/2")
- Black chenille stems
- Red pom-poms (1/4")
- Red, black, and white washable paint
- Kids paint brushes
- Craft glue
- Black craft foam
- Kid proof scissors Have each of your students take turns wiping their clay pot with a damp rag. These should be completely dry before continuing. For the design of the ladybug, Sherrie Osborn provides a picture on her site, but it might be best to create an example that students can look off of during the craft. Encourage them to use pencil to draw where they'd like the body, spots, etc. to be, then paint to fill in their design. Have them paint the wooden ball black and set aside both pieces to dry.

When dry, glue the wooden ball to the bottom of the pot and use white paint to make the eyes and mouth. The ladybug antennae can be made from 2-inch black pipe cleaner and red pom-poms, while feet can be cut from black craft foam. Line these up on the windowsill or use as paperweights for a fun springy look. Your larger example ladybug could work as a great door-stop as well!

Clay Pot Ladybug Craft - How to Make a Ladybug Using a Clay Pot

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