Crayons + Hot Glue Guns = BRILLIANT!

Melted Crayon Art and Craft Project for Kids
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Ok, so this project should probably be reserved for older children, seeing as how there's a hot glue gun involved, but overall we think this would make a super fun summer craft idea! Katie over at Punk Projectscreated this particular tutorial and, while we've encountered candle wax dripping and blow dryer/crayon art, we think this brings melted crayon art to a whole new level. {...Seriously, whoever pioneered this technique gets an A+ for brilliance!} All you need is some canvas, a box of colorful Crayolas, and an old hot glue gun - and you're set!

Your kiddos can create wax scenes, try to recreate some of the fun rainbow 'drip' art that's been floating around, or choose a direction of their own. Here's a small gallery of ideas to give you some inspiration...

Melted Crayon Art Project for Kids
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Adorable umbrella silhouette art from Arrie and Jeff of Light&Spoon

Melted Crayon Art Projects for Kids
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Rainbow crayon art found on Imgur

Melted Crayon Art for Kids
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Dot art from Polly at Helping Little Hands

Melted Crayon Kids Art Project
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Flower art created by Lindsey of Lindsey Daniella Did It

Melted Crayon Art and Kids Craft Project
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Abstract + symbol art created by WhitBit for Cut Out & Keep

There are so many different ways to go about melted crayon art - we know your kiddos will have a blast!