Crayon Color Word Magnet Activities

Literacy, Handwriting, and Math Preschool Printables
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Looking for a fun way to strengthen color word recognition? Check out these awesome printable materials from Tabitha over at FlapJack Educational Resources! While the main focus is color identification and color word recognition, the activities also provide your kiddos with the opportunity to build fine motor function, practice early math/writing skills, and strengthen memory/matching skills.

Here's a sneak peek at the activities you'll find in Tabitha's FREE download:

  • Color Word Magnet Mat. Students must identify the color word in each box and match the appropriate colored crayon to its proper place. The crayons are held to the activity mat with magnets adding an extra fine motor component!
  • Color Word Trace & Match. For each color word in the list, students are invited to use a dry erase marker (in the same color) to trace the word and draw a line to the matching color crayon.
  • Color Word Emergent Reader. Great for reinforcing color words and number words! Each page features a different color/number of crayons. Students are invited to identify and read the color word, then count the number of crayons and read the number word.
  • Color Word & Counting Memory Game. Included in the pack are two memory game variations! In the first, students are invited to match colored crayons with the appropriate color word cards. In the second, students must count the number of crayons on the card and match it to the correct number word card.

These are great resources and offer a fantastic way to review many of the concepts/skills your preschoolers have learned throughout the year! Be sure to visit FlapJack Educational Resources for your FREE copy!