Crafts Made From Recycled Materials

If you're looking for ways to reuse old supplies, check out this list of projects in the family crafts section at Not only will you teach your students to recycle, you'll show them how to recycle creatively!

Bouquet of Button Flowers

Mother's Day is around the corner and here is a great craft that can double as a colorful gift for mom! Provide your students with colorful felt sheets, card stock, scrapbook paper, or foam and encourage them to cut out a variety of flower shapes. So that they stay uniform, you may wish to provide several templates that students can trace and cut out. Additionally, since the buttons will be used as the 'center' of the flower, you'll have to plan the flower sizes around the size of the buttons. Floral wire should be used to attach the button to the petals and continue on as the stem. Be sure to visit for instructions. Other Projects
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