Craft Stick Puppets

Looking for a unique, story-time prop, try Helen Rawlinson's craft stick puppets!

Supplies You'll Need
- Favorite storybook
- Recycled cereal boxes (to create a cardboard backing)
- Children's clothes catalog
- Blunt kid's scissors
- Craft glue stick
- Craft sticks
- Craft paper in assorted colors
- Fine tipped pen
- Crayola colored pencils This project should begin with a story in mind. Maybe a class favorite that needs a bit of spice or even a new book that needs a spectacular 'entrance'. Make a list of characters and then set to work.

Peruse children's catalogs for fun clothing, cutting, mixing, and matching until you've 'dressed' each of your characters. Paste these onto the cardboard backing, then use natural colors of craft paper to draw and cut out heads, arms, legs, etc. Use colored pencils to create character details then paste these to the cardboard as well.

Cut the created character from the cardboard as a unit then glue to a craft stick. It may take some work, but attempt to memorize the story, using just the puppets to relay the message. As your students become more and more familiar with the book, as for student volunteers to play the characters. This can be a bit tedious, but your students will love the results!

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