Clothespin Horse Craft for Kids

Clothespin Horse

A great way to keep students engrossed in the lesson is to provide challenging, hands-on crafts that allow them to participate and connect with the concepts. Kathy Barbro, a California art teacher and Art Projects For Kids blogger, provides a wonderful resource for art and regular teachers alike!

Following a literary lesson on "Misty of Chincoteague" or "King of the Wind", both authored by Marguerite Henry, a science lesson on the majesty of nature, or rounding out a physics unit by linking horsepower and energy, crafting this horse made from clothespins will challenge your students' dexterity and provide a fun link to the material. It literally takes three items: jumbo craft sticks cut into various lengths, two clothespins, and craft glue.

This craft may have to be completed in stages in order to let the glue dry properly, but once its finished, provide your students with acrylic paint, markers, felt pieces, googly eyes, etc. so that they can decorate their creations. For a challenge, see who can design a horse that looks closest to the ones you've been studying. Barbro provides a simple way to keep your students engaged in the lesson, while making valuable connections.