Counting Game

Melissa of Chasing Cheerios blog has developed a fun game that promotes number recognition and counting. You'll need a game board (instructions to follow), a marker, and a die before beginning this activity.

Melissa has provided a printable game board template should you wish to use it. If not, creating your own is very simple and can be changed to reflect the theme of each lesson. Since a die contains numbers one through six, your game board will need at least six characters or objects. For older children or those who have gotten comfortable counting to six, you may wish to provide two dice and twice as many objects to make the game more challenging.
The animals or objects should be placed at the left side of the paper and assigned a unique number. Their path to the finish line will then consist of spots showing this number. The longer the path, the longer the game so plan accordingly. As the die (or dice) is rolled, invite your students to count the dots and mark through the corresponding number on their game sheet. The first animal or object to have all of their numbers marked off is the 'winner' of the race! Children will want to play this game over and over again to see their favorite character win!

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