FREE Construction Unit - How To Build A House

Construction Unit - How To Build A House

Kick start your construction unit with this fun writing exercise that invites your kiddos to draw and describe how they would go about building a house! We suggest dividing students into teams and have each group work together to brainstorm step-by-step instructions. Once each team has had a chance to complete their worksheet, invite each group to share their ideas with the class, compiling a list of suggested steps. With the list of steps {perhaps with a few guided suggestions}, have your kiddos work as a class to determine the best way to build a house. This can be a great opportunity to introduce new vocabulary words like architect, blueprint, contractor, project manager, site supervisor, etc. and is a fun way to review sequencing {and sequencing terms like first, next, then, and last!}.

FREE Construction Unit - How To Build A House

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