Constitution Day Matching Game

Constitution Day and Government Social Studies Preschool Printable
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Here's a fun game printable from The Center for Civic Education that will fit in nicely with your Constitution Day activities! Not only is it a great vocabulary builder, it's also a great way to reinforce the ideas and concepts discussed throughout the day - what the Constitution is and what is does for us as well as important people/ideas related to it's history.

With seven pairs in total, the colorful {and FREE!} game pieces can be used...

  • As flash cards, to assess what students have learned about each person, event, etc.
  • To play various games like Concentration, Go Fish!, etc.
  • For sorting - i.e. 'Important People', 'Important Things', 'Important Events', etc.

The best part is the game download comes with great background materials to use when teaching your kiddos about the Constitution - it's history and it's significance in our lives today!

For the free game download and lesson resources, be sure to visit The Center for Civic Education!