Connecting the Solar System to Other Subject Areas

Jennifer Sinsel, elementary science guide for lesson planet, provides a unique perspective on teaching students about the solar system. In most cases, elementary students find space exploration, planets, and 'all things space' to be highly fascinating. Sinsel suggests capitalizing on this enthusiasm by incorporating solar system elements into other areas of learning.

  1. Math - When learning about scale, circumference, relative size, etc. use the planets as your example and discussion starter. Measuring the distance between each planet is the same as calculating the distance between New York and Portland; they just use immensely different scales.
  2. Language Arts - Compare and contrast the planets to integrate both science and language arts into the lesson.
  3. Technology - With the information gleaned by researching, comparing, and contrasting the planets, boost students tech proficiency and satisfy technology standards by helping them organize it in a spreadsheet or word processing program.

There really are no limits to the ways in which the students' interests can be incorporated into everyday lessons. Using this teaching method you may just be able to appeal to even the most reluctant of learners!

Solar System Lesson Plans

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