Comprehensive Spring Lesson For Toddlers

Putting together a comprehensive lesson plan for your toddlers can sometimes be a challenge. With short attention spans and varied development stages, it may feel like you put a lot of time and energy into a lesson without the desired effects. Because of this it can be easy to get lost in what wasn’t accomplished and lose sight of the overall goal—genuine learning. Remember that every class will be different and that flexibility is the key. If you don’t get through each lesson component, use it another day. If you find the activity too challenging, tailor it or scrap it completely and move on. Erin, Totally Tots contributor, has posted a comprehensive spring lesson plan for toddlers centered around Easter, spring, and the book “The Noisy Egg” by Judith Nicholls that’s great to use when you’re feeling burnt out and need a break from planning! It includes the following components:

• Reading Circle: “The Noisy Egg” by Judith Nicholls and “Five Little Ducks” by Justine Smith. • Music: Five Little Ducks. • Craft Time: Duck cutouts with a focus on shapes and fine motor skills. • Sensory Science: Children play with floating ducks in the sand and water table. • Snack Time: Chocolate lollipops in the shape of a duck. • Muscle Development: Pretend to be a duck. • Math: Counting ducks. • Games: “Lucky Ducks”.

These activities can be used for one class period or can be split up between days. Just remember to be flexible and have fun!

Totally Tots: Once Upon a Book ~ The Noisy Egg

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