Colorful Spring Wreath

Decorating with butterfly crafts is a fun and colorful way of welcoming spring into the classroom. Craft Bits, a free craft resource for educators and parents, has developed this awesome butterfly wreath that takes little planning, but offers vibrant results!

In preparation for this craft, design four different butterfly templates, varied in size and shape. Because they will see a lot of wear and tear, make sure you create these out of sturdy material. Card stock or cardboard from recycled cereal boxes make inexpensive alternatives. So that time isn’t wasted, make a set of butterfly templates for each group of four students. Collect a variety of brightly colored construction paper or card stock. You can also find beautifully patterned scrapbook paper at your local craft store, ask for old wallpaper books from home improvement stores, or even search out fun gift wrap at discount stores. Invite children to use a variety of complimentary patterns and designs when planning and tracing butterflies for their wreath. For a more realistic rendition of the project, have your students trace the butterfly patterns onto plain card stock, provide them with nature magazines or other resource books, and encourage them to copy the designs of real butterflies with markers or paint.

A simple wreath ring can be cut from a paper plate. You can do this ahead of time or have your students create their own during class. Once they’ve completed these preliminary tasks, provide your students with craft glue and watch the creativity flow! Each wreath will be unique and will provide a splash of color for beautiful springtime classroom décor.

Wreath - Butterflies - DIY Craft Project Instructions

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