Colorful Spring Bee & Flower Matching

spring flower and bee color matching game
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Want to give your preschoolers a spring challenge? Try this dynamic bee and flower color matching game from Each cutout is composed of two colors - the bees with alternating stripes and the flowers with alternating petals - making the game much more complex and challenging for your kiddos.

With this printable students will...

  • Strengthen color recognition skills
  • Build and refine visual discrimination skills
  • Practice making observations
  • Strengthen problem solving skills

Worksheet Applications

baby block 1 Use the worksheets to create a file folder game as originally intended by the creators of
baby block 2 Print one set of worksheets, cutting them apart, and using them to play a memory matching game - inviting students to make bee/flower matches. You might also consider printing two sets and having students play the same game, but making flower/flower matches and bee/bee matches.
baby block 3 Print two {or more} sets of worksheets, separating the flowers from the bees, inviting your students to practice simple patterning exercises.

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