Colorful Camouflage Critters & Other "Rainbow Day" Activities

This Sunday {April 3rd} is "Rainbow Day" - so add some color to your craft sessions with one of these fantastic crafts we found while perusing our favorite art, craft, and teacher sites!

colorful camouflage critters elementary oil pastel art lesson
Photo Source: Mrs. Art Teacher!

Bring out the lively critters of spring with this colorful art project from Mrs. Art Teacher! Students will explore combining several art mediums - craft paint and oil pastels - while they learn about patterning, unique animal attributes, and positioning.

collaborative colorful rainbow preschool activity
Photo Source: My Montessori Journey

Try a collaborative project like this one from My Montessori Journey. Draw a rainbow outline onto a piece of poster board, labeling the individual sections with the appropriate color word, and invite your students to tear and glue colored construction paper pieces {or art tissue paper, feathers, etc.} to the correct area.

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We found the rest of the of these fantastic rainbow projects at Katherine Marie Photography! Be sure to visit her site for more wonderfully colorful activity ideas!

Provide your students with colored dry pasta and a piece of recycled cardboard, foam board, or another strong base material and invite them to construct a textured rainbow!

colorful pasta rainbow craft
Photo Source: Katherine Marie Photography

Kids love printing activities {must be the draw of 'messy' fun!}. Provide your kiddos with ink pads or shallow dishes of craft paint and invite them to stamp out a rainbow {or spring flowers or a colorful spring scene!}.

colorful fingerprint rainbow craft
Photo Source: Katherine Marie Photography

Collect all your art cabinet scraps, go through your recycle bin, and have your students help you find colorful objects from around the classroom to make colorful 'found' rainbow collages!

found objects colorful rainbow collage
Photo Source: Katherine Marie Photography

Have some fantastically colorful rainbow fun!