FREE Printable Alphabet Book for Preschoolers!

Alphabet and Fine Motor Skills Preschool Printable

Perfect for your writing or literacy center, this cute {colorful!} alphabet book printable will help your preschoolers practice letter recognition, review beginning letter sounds, and even build fine motor coordination as they cut and paste the letter tiles to the pages. Along with general center use, you could also make this alphabet booklet part of each thematic unit, having your kiddos create, "The ABCs of the Zoo", "The ABCs of Space", "The ABCs of Transportation", etc.

There are two downloads available. The first is an already completed booklet {with letters on each page} where students focus on identifying an object/item that corresponds with each letter/beginning letter sound, scripting the word {with or without help}, and drawing the item in the space provided. The second printable requires a bit more work, inviting students to cut out the letter tiles provided in the download and paste them onto the pages. It will certainly take more time to complete, but is a great fine motor skill builder! {And, can be a way to help your students review colors as they match the colored letter tiles to the colored boxes on the pages.}

    FREE Printable Alphabet Book for Preschoolers!


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