Collaborative Art - Tips for Creating with Kids!

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Alissa Marquess over at Creative With Kids posted some great tips for creating collaborative art pieces with your kids or students and we thought we'd pass them along. Not only do collaborative projects teach kids how to work together, developing social skills and teaching respect for the opinions of others, the results are truly unique. While you'll have to visit the full post for her tips and tricks, here are a few ideas we really liked... 

  • To reduce potential irritations and complaints, make sure there's enough room for everyone to work. The pros of a collaborative project become null and void if artists have to fight for space!
  • Provide your students with some common ground - a story, an emotion, a theme, etc. While each artist is sure to have their own ideas and methods, a common goal or purpose will unify the piece, helping students bond and work more effectively together!

We think Alissa's tips are great to keep in mind when doing collaborative projects - be sure to visit Creative With Kids for the rest of her ideas, as well as some fun collaborative art projects you might try with your kids or students!