Coffee Filter 'Stained Glass' Craft for Earth Day

Earth Day Coffee Filter Craft
Photo Source: Lessons with Laughter

Create a beautiful window display for Earth Day with this creative 'stained glass' idea featured by Molly over at Lessons with Laughter. You probably have everything you need to complete the craft with your class already at your fingertips!

'Stained Glass' Earth Day Craft

Supplies Needed:

Coffee filters

Green and Blue markers

Spray bottle of water

Paper towels

Black construction paper



Contact paper {optional}

Have each of your students color a coffee filter with blue (ocean) and green (land) markers to resemble the earth. You can assign the continents you'd like for them to include, or let them choose a side of the globe! Just make sure they color in the entire filter. Then, place the colored coffee filters on a paper towel and have them spray the entire thing with water (about 6-8 squirts). Watch the colors spread and then allow them to dry.

Steps for Completing Earth Day Coffee Filter Craft
Photo Source: Lessons with Laughter

While the coffee filters are drying, have your students trace and cut out a frame from black construction paper. They can then tape their 'stained glass' Earth to the back of the frame. Hang in your classroom windows for a beautiful Earth Day display! (Optional - Cover the completed projects with contact paper or laminate.)

Earth Day Coffee Filter Craft Window Display
Photo Source: Lessons with Laughter

If you're looking for additional ideas, be sure to head over to Lessons with Laughter to check out Molly's amazing site!!