Coffee Filter Butterfly Craft

Coffee Filter Butterfly Craft

Didn't these coffee filter butterflies created by the preschoolers over at McKinley Early Childhood Center turn out great? If you're looking for a simple spring craft, this project can't be beat!

To complete the craft...

    Supplies for Coffee Filter Butterfly Craft
  • Provide students with newspaper, a piece of heavy tagboard, or an art tray to cover their workspace.
  • Step 2 for Coffee Filter Butterfly Craft

  • Armed with a coffee filter, craft paints, and a paint brush, have students paint one side of their coffee filter. As they paint, invite them to discover what happens when they swirl two different colors together. [NOTE: The finished product is super cute when students do a little color mixing, but note that your kiddos will end up with a big brown blob if they get too carried away!] Set the painted filters aside to dry.
  • Once dry, simply pinch two sides of the filter together, wrap a pipe cleaner around to secure it, then twirl the ends of pipe cleaner to create 'antennae'.

Finished Coffee Filter Butterfly Craft