Classroom Fingerprint Tree - Teacher Appreciation + End of the Year Gift

Teacher Appreciation and End of the Year Preschool Printable
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Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

Megan over at Balancing Home recently shared this fabulous printable/project and we thought it would make a lovely gift for the teacher in your life! We couldn't agree more that 'heart felt' gifts make Teacher Appreciation Week extra special and, while the celebration has officially begun (and you might be wondering how to coordinate an undertaking like this on such short notice), if you won't have time to create a classroom fingerprint tree before the end of the week, might we suggest creating it as an end of the year keepsake? Small and easily displayed or stored with other important memorabilia, this gift would warm any teachers heart and may just become a classroom tradition!

To grab your own FREE copy of this awesome printable, be sure to visit Balancing Home!