Cinco de Mayo - What Comes Next?

Cinco de Mayo Patterning Preschool Printable
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Cinco de Mayo is a fun holiday to celebrate with young children. There are so many cool and colorful crafts, books, games, and activity ideas to help spice up your lesson plans. If you decide to observe the holiday this year, don't forget this great worksheet from KidSparkz! Not only will students brush up on their patterning/sequencing skills, they'll also build fine motor control as they cut and paste the activity tiles in the correct place. 

Activity Extensions... 

  • Invite students to identify each pattern - AB, AAB, ABB, ABC, etc.
  • When finished use the worksheet pictures to create manipulatives - inviting students to create their own sequences/patterns.
  • For continued practice, create a reusable pattern flip book {like this pre-writing practice book}, adding Velcro dots to each strip as well as the activity tiles.

For this awesome holiday printable, be sure to visit KidSparkz!