Christmas Grid Game Mats

Christmas Math Counting Preschool Printables
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A great way to practice counting and one-to-one correspondence is through grid games. We found these great Christmas themed grid game mats over at Mama Jenn and thought they would make a great addition to your math center this holiday season!

To play...

  • Provide your kiddos with: game mats, markers or small containers of math manipulatives {for the holiday season you might try M&Ms, miniature presents, peppermint candies, glitter craft pom poms, etc.}, and a regular game die.
  • Invite students to take turns rolling the die, identifying the number rolled, then counting out the same number of spaces on their game mat - using the marker to cross them off or placing a manipulative in each box.
  • The first player to cross off/cover their entire game board, wins!

There are lots of different game board options at Mama Jenn's blog - Christmas trees, gingerbread houses, Santa, the Nativity scene, and lots more! Be sure to visit her blog for these great downloads!