Cherry Blossom Artwork

A great way to combat the winter doldrums is to bring spring into your artwork. Cherry blossoms, with their vibrant flowers, have long been a symbol of the arrival of spring. Kim of Musings from Kim K has documented a beautiful spring cherry blossom craft that, with its simplicity, can be used for children of all ages. Start by collecting white craft paper, pink paint, kids paint brushes, glue, and fine white or pink (or red glitter can work too) glitter. Prepare shallow containers of paint for your students mixing equal parts of water and paint (e.g. 1 part water + 1 part paint). If your students are old enough to handle the paint without a mess, this can be a great opportunity to see how well they can follow directions. Also prepare small containers of pure water.

To begin the craft, have your students take a clean paintbrush and “paint” their entire sheet of paper with water. Once completed, instruct them to dip their brush or fingertip into the paint mixture, placing paint dots onto their wet sheet of paper and watching them expand. Once each student has made enough cherry blossoms, have them set aside their paper to dry. When the paint is no longer wet, help them or instruct them how to make the tree branches with a black marker. Provide them with glue and glitter for a bit more decoration. Such a fun and easy craft!

Blossom Painting

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