"Cha-Ching!" Money Math Workstation Game FREEbie

Math Center Game - Money Practice
Photo Source: Bunting, Books and Bright Ideas

Christina over at Bunting, Books and Bright Ideas put together a money math game you have to check out! It's relatively simple to set up and is sure to keep your kiddos interested - perfect to play in small groups as a class or in pairs at a math center.

Almost everything you will need is provided as a FREEbie! All you'll need to add is a few silverware trys (easily found at your local dollar or big box store), play money and a few dies. Students will have a chance to roll the dies and accumulate money in their trays, 'changing up' for larger denminations as they are able. First one to a specified dollar amount wins! For a complete breakdown of how to play and to grab the FREEbies, head over to Christina's blog.

Instructions for Math Center Money Game
Photo Source: Bunting, Books and Bright Ideas