Carrot Play Dough Counting Mat

Rabbit Math Play Dough Mat Preschool Printable
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This cute math play dough mat from Karen at is the perfect compliment to your spring gardening or plant/botany unit. Not only will your kiddos strengthen number recognition and counting, they'll build fine motor skills and review the parts of a plant as they form each of the orange play dough carrots, placing them in the dirt {carrots are actually the root of the plant!}.

Using the Worksheet

These play dough mats work best if you print them onto card stock and laminate them, holding them together with a binder ring, or place them in plastic document protectors, collecting them in a binder. If there's a day you don't want to mess with getting the play dough out, you might also consider having your students use foam carrot manipulatives to complete the counting task or even a dry erase marker to draw the appropriate number of carrots.

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