Bug Themed Number Cards

Counting and Number Recognition Preschool Printables
Photo Source: www.thecraftyclassroom.com

The bug number cards from The Crafty Classroom are a great resource to keep on hand. Not only will they go great with any spring/insect unit, they can easily be incorporated into your math center or kept on hand as a fun transition activity.

  • Go on a number hunt - "Can you find number '1'?"
  • Have your kiddos put the numbers in order for smallest to largest and from largest to smallest.
  • Print two sets of number cards, inviting your students to test their memory/matching skills with a game of concentration.
  • Bind the set of number cards together with a binder ring to create a flip book for individual practice.
  • Have participating students place a set of number cards, face up, in front of them. Equipped with two dice, have your kiddos take turns rolling them. Invite them to add up the number of dots on both die faces, turning over the corresponding number card. The first student to turn all their number cards face down, wins!
For more game ideas and, of course, the fantastic printables, be sure to visit The Crafty Classroom!