Bringing History to Life with Art

If you're finding your history lessons a bit drab, spice things up by studying and re-creating the art of ancient civilizations. Not only will your students experience other cultures 'first-hand', you'll breed a new enthusiasm for history (or at the very least you'll catch their attention)!

Here are some different ways to study the art of the ancient world:

  • Thematically - compare and contrast specific themes or genres presented in the art (e.g. funerary, political, etc.)
  • Chronologically - compare and contrast art evolution within a specific culture or across several different cultures. Be sure to explore the historical, technological, etc. causes of these changes. As a way to bring all the information together, create a visual timeline, printing pictures and writing short artist bios. This will take the chronological study a bit farther, allowing you to compare and contrast various eras, skill/technique progression, and styles.

Ideas for re-creating the art of the ancient world:

  • Have your student choose their favorite artist and re-create one of their paintings.
  • To show that your students have understood a specific artist's style, ask them to create their own picture using the skills and techniques of the artist.
  • Put on a wax museum for the school. Have students dress up and pose as different sculptures or paintings from various cultures, eras, etc.

Art of Ancient Civilizations

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