Bottle Print Flower Craft for Kids

Spring Bottle Print Flower Craft for Kids

Perfect for sping or summer, these simple bottle print flowers are not only colorful, they offer a great opportunity to show your kiddos how simple household objects can be repurposed to create something new!


yellow and green construction paper

small pom poms

green drinking straws

green foam leaves

craft paint

empty (washed) plastic pop bottles

craft glue


Creating the Flowers

    Step 1a Step 1b
  1. Dip the bottom of the soda bottle into the craft paint, then gently press the painted end to the paper to create a print. Repeat this process (with different colors, if desired) until you've created the desired number of flowers.
  2. Step 2

  3. Add a line of glue beneath each bloom, covering it with a piece of green drinking straw in order to create the 'stem'.
  4. Step 2 Step 3

  5. Cut leaves from scraps of green construction paper, adding them to the stem, then add colorful craft puffs to the center of each bloom.
  6. Step 4 Step 4

  7. Finish off the project by adding a strip of green construction paper to the the bottom of the paper, fringing the top to make it look like 'grass'.