Book Club Order for Decimal Practice!

Math Practice with Book Club Order Forms
Photo Source: Teaching in Room 6

Stephanie over at Teaching in Room 6 came up with a wonderful way to have her students practice what they learned about manipulating decimals, including adding, subtracting and even multiplying them. Her idea will put all those book club order forms you inevitably receive to good use!

Book Club Order Math

Begin by giving your students a set dollar amount to shop for books (Stephanie used $200). Then you need to provide them with stipulations so they're sure to get enough practice. For example: you must order at least 5 different titles, you must have at least 2 copies of each title, etc. Stephanie provides a complete list of stipulations with her FREEbie worksheets here.

Once you've covered the order rules as a class, turn your students loose with an order form and the provided worksheets to put their orders together. Your kids are sure to love flipping through the order forms to ensure their favorite titles are included in their orders!

One helpful tool provided on the worksheets is a running total column - perfect for helping your students to track if they're spending too much or too little as they go. And after everything is worked out, students use the actual book order form to put their orders together. A great way to double check their work!

Decimal Practice with Book Club Order Forms
Photo Source: Teaching in Room 6

We love the idea of using an order form for decimal practice! For this, and other great upper grade ideas, be sure to head over to Teaching in Room 6.