Blossoming Equations

spring preschool math printableFor those of you who didn't mark your calendar this March 20th, spring has officially 'sprung'! {Here, in Northeast Ohio, we're all breathing an emphatic sigh of relief!} In honor of the new season, we found this fantastic spring math activity from Mrs. Perry at Primary Perspective. Take a look!

Complete with flower pots from eighteen to three and flower cards with assorted numerals and symbols, your preschoolers will be well on their way to solving {and constructing!} simple addition and subtraction problems!

If you feel your students are up to the challenge, set out the activity as is. Here are a few simple variations that will help your preschoolers build up to the exercise if you think it's a bit too challenging:

  • Provide a 'cheat sheet' worksheet with a list of simple addition and subtraction equations for students to mimic, providing exposure to equations, how they work, and what the symbols mean.
  • Have students use counters as they work through problems. Begin with the flower pot, inviting students to count out the correct number of manipulatives (i.e. beads, dried beans, floral marbles, etc.), then have them choose a flower, repeating the counting process. Help them compare the number of counters on each card, deciding whether the flower has more or less than the flower pot and figuring out exactly how many more/less. Have them pick the flower that corresponds with this difference (make them count out manipulatives like they did before to check their work), then help them choose the proper signs to make the final 'flower pot equation' (i.e. if the flower has more they'll need the "minus" and vice versa).

These colorful blossoms are perfect for heralding in the new season and would make a great addition to your math centers! As always, you can get the download at Primary Perspective.

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