Blasting Off This July 4th!

Here's a fun craft from Kelly at Little Wonders' Days that would be perfect for Memorial Day, Independence Day, or any other patriotic holiday!

Supplies You'll Need
- Recycled toilet paper roll
- Small coffee filter
- Red, white, and blue star stickers
- Blue and white card stock
- Red streamers
- Craft glue
- Double-sided tape
- Kids craft scissors
- Confetti Instruct your children to line the inside of one toilet paper roll end with glue, then press their coffee filter inside, creating a 'pouch'. On that same end, have them edge the outside of the tube with glue and wrap a red streamer around it. Remind them that they'll be gluing only one edge of the streamer. About 3/4 of it should dangle below the toilet paper roll. Also, the streamer will be many times longer than the circumference of the tube, so invite your students to continue gluing and wrapping until the streamer is fully connected. Once the crepe has dried, instruct them to use their craft scissors to fringe the streamer creating "rocket flames".

Next, have your students cover the rocket body with blue card stock. Instruct them to measure and cut the paper to the size of the tube then glue it in place. Encourage them to hold the paper in place for a few minutes so that it has a chance to adhere or provide them with clothespins to keep the paper in place while drying. From white card stock, have your students trace and cut out a circle, use scissors to create a slit from the edge to the center, then overlap and glue the sides to create a cone. Invite them to fill their rockets with confetti then attach the cone to the top using double-sided tape. Lastly, provide your students with star stickers and invite them to decorate their rockets! A fun project your students are sure to enjoy!

Little Wonders' Days: 4th of July Rockets

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