Birds In Springtime

Gail Bartel, of That Artist Woman blog, has shared a wonderful spring project for ages seven and up. If you’re an art teacher who has been attempting to find a way to bridge the gap between class lessons and other subjects, or a primary teacher who likes the diversion from simple crafts, this is a great lesson to check out! Children are very observant. In many cases they can see things that adults miss. As spring approaches, ask your students to journal each week about the physical signs they have observed that show spring is on its way. You can choose to focus on any of these spring indicators, but Bartel suggests using the return of migratory birds to your area for a dynamic unit of study.

Discuss as a class why birds migrate. Include topics such as food security, lack of shelter, and temperature. Use this science lesson as a transition to geology and using maps. Take a trip to the computer lab, inviting students to research the migration patterns of birds in your area. You may need a librarian to help point your students to relevant resources. Back in the classroom, provide students with maps, encouraging them to plot and measure the migration course of the bird they’ve researched. Using these activities in addition to those suggested by Bartel and you will have a comprehensive unit that bridges the gap between many different subjects!

that artist woman: Spring Weaving Project

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