Bird Watching Fun - Includes FREE Journaling Printables!

Summer Nature Kindergarten Lesson Plan

Looking for a way to get your kiddos outside and interested in nature this summer? Try some bird watching! While state parks and other forested areas provide a great opportunity for sighting different species of birds, what's great about bird watching is that you don't even have to leave your backyard to find subjects to study! In fact, you might even consider adding a fun bird feeder/nest to attract them to your neck of the woods!

A bird watching journal is fantastic way to keep track of the different birds you and your kinders come across this summer. Your orthinologists-in-training will have a great time drawing the birds they see, recording various details, and using what they've observed to identify what type of bird it is. [NOTE: As a way to more permanently record your findings, you might also include a disposable camera for your kiddos to capture each bird. This also provides a more detailed version of the bird to copy into the book later; a perfect solution should the bird not hang around long enough to be drawn as well as helpful for identification!] If you're looking for some fun printables to use, be sure to check out this free booklet {pictured above}!

Happy summer & happy bird watching!

Bird Watching Fun - Includes FREE Journaling Printables!

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