Best Summer Activities and Toys

Malia Carden of Blissfully Domestic recently published an article on the five best toys for summer. Why not bring some 'summer' to your students by incorporating some of these great ideas?

  1. Sidewalk Chalk - Your students can create to their hearts content! Use it to draw game boards for four square or hopscotch, running out a bit of their restless energies. Use it to practice letters or numbers, reinforcing concepts learned in the classroom. Or use it for the purpose of creating 'pure' art, helping your students get in touch with their originality and individuality.
  2. Sand and Water Toys - Children love to explore the world around them and, armed with a bucket and shovel, they can dig and investigate for hours. As the weather gets nice, designate a specific set of toys for the outside and one to remain with your indoor petite sand and water table.
  3. Snow Cone Maker - This is certainly not a budget-friendly suggestion, so search online for some cool home made treats that will be just as refreshing. Store bought popsicles also do the trick!
  4. Frisbees - Get your students running with this fun toy! Team up to play games like frisbee golf, or just provide them for recreational throwing during recess. Your students will enjoy burning off the energy and will strengthen hand-eye coordination as they practice.
  5. Puzzles - Summer will still bring rainy days. Puzzles are a great way to capture your students' attention and keep their mind off the weather outside. This will strengthen problem solving skills, help them learn how to work as a team, and gives them a sense of accomplishment when they finish!

Many of these ideas may not work for your classroom. If they don't, try to think of other great ways to bring 'summer' to your students. They'll love your creativity (and of course the fun)!

Five Best Kids Toys for Summer