Behavior Management Strategies - Visible Goals & Daily Evaluations

Behavior Management and Classroom Management Strategies for Teachers
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We love what art teacher, Sunnylee Mowery, over at Coral vs. Salmon instituted to help manage behavior in her classroom. Selecting seven behavior goals for her students to work on - from entering the classroom quietly and raising hands to following directions and cleaning up work stations - she first created an anchor chart to display in the classroom as a visual reminder of appropriate behavior choices, then decided to take it a step further. In an attempt to make things relevant more for her kiddos, at the end of the each period, Sunnylee works together with her students to evaluate how the class did, as a whole, to meet each of the behavioral objectives - adding green 'happy' faces or red 'unhappy' faces next to the written goals depending upon their choices for that day. Students are invited to vote green or red with a simple thumbs up or down and, Sunnylee states, "Surprisingly, the kids are pretty keen judges of how things went."

It's simple, but we think this is a great way to get your students involved, help keep behavior goals in the forefront of their minds, and address any behavioral issues in a timely and relevant manner.